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Services and Fees


100% of fees are donated to Institute of the Southwest, Spirit of Equus Rescue and Sanctuary a 501c3 public charity. EIN:  77-0523932

Guided Wellness Full Body Energy Reading: $95.00. This reading is comprehensive and can identify such issues as inflammation, stored toxins and infections.  If these issues come up, we take our investigation deeper and try to identify the location and severity of the issues. The results are delivered to the horse's guardian via email. Follow-up questions are encouraged and this investigation may continue over several days until all information available to us is acquired. Recommendations for addressing any issues may be offered. Occasionally, veterinary intervention is recommended. To view the scan template please click on the link to view pdf file. 


Equine Communication Session (Basic): $50.00.  The horse's guardian may submit questions for us to present to the horse's soul or spirit guide to respond to. We follow a question and answer process. Questions regarding the horse's emotional state, type of work he wishes to do, his animal companions, moving, and even preparing to transition are the most common. Asking about pain or discomfort or behavior that is not understood are also common questions. Occasionally, if the spirit world wishes for the guardian to know, we may get information about a rescue's past.  Communication sessions are valuable in the discovery of past trauma, as it is often the key to current behavior. Horses carry their past, their physical, psychological and emotional pain in their bodies. For healing to be complete, these aspects must be released. Soul retrieval and reiki and Healing Touch practitioners among other energy workers are especially gifted in this area and should be considered as part of the team for returning the horse to complete wellness.

All information coming in is subject to the will of the horse. There are times when the information is blocked. There may be a variety of reasons for this. Most often, the information sought is considered private or sacred, is meant to be hidden, or the horse does not wish to interact with the communicator. Permission is always asked and either granted or not in a communication session.  The horse has free will.  

Equine End of Life Communication Session (Transition): $50.00.  This series of communications usually begin a week or more prior to a planned euthanasia. It gives the guardian an opportunity to make sure the horse wishes to transition and has prepared spiritually for his journey. The horse's soul may choose the date he wishes to cross over--a date the Spirit World calls the holy day. 

A session may also be requested in an emergency, if the horse is in crisis and a decision has to be made immediately. We accept emergency requests. 

Stored Toxin Reading $45. This may sound like a simple reading, but it can be extremely important! Toxins are stored in the joints, muscles, CT, and organs of the horse. Those toxins may cause inflammation and pain and eventually disease.  Routinely detoxing our horses is very helpful in maintaining their wellness and soundness as working horses. We use herbs and recommend them for this purpose. Horses normally like the taste of most herbs, so they are easy to feed. 

We check for a variety of toxins, from emf to heavy metals, etc. identify the source of the toxins if possible, the location of the stored toxins, the severity on a scale of 1-10, and provide recommendations for their elimination. 

Infection Reading $45.  This reading is focused on the energetic presence of  harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and protozoa. If issues arise during our reading, we focus on what  harmful effects the organism is having on the horse, location of the organism, and recommendations for eliminating it. 

Food Compatibility Readings: Hay, cubes, pellets, pasture. supplements and medications. $80. This reading can be simple or very complex. If the horse is on supplements, we energy test every ingredient in the supplement. Same for bagged feeds. In this way, the guardian is made aware of which ingredients are perhaps allergenic, toxic or are not well tolerated when ingested so they can be avoided. 

Guided Wellness Full Body Energy Reading plus Equine Communication Session: $140. This is a combination of the two readings . 





We have five publications available for purchase in the field of equine communication.  Janet Meyer is the principal channel for the voices of the horses who share their lives and wisdom with us through their communication sessions. Candace Hawkes was the principal communicator for Seth the Candeyman and King's Jadaan. Inspiring, instructive and humbling. Self-published through Institute of the Southwest, Spirit of Equus Rescue Publishing Division. 

To order please SHOP at our store or contact us at:  

A Sacred Place

 Self published · Mar 19, 2019

This book reads like a memoir of the first 18 years of the author's life as the founder and director of a horse rescue and sanctuary. The sacredness of the location of the rescue as well as the work done with those who passed through it or those who were healed due to their energy related services are shared. Along with the horses came intuitive gifts from Spirit and the author became a part of a healing team and channeled communications from horse consciousness. The book includes topics such as: the redemptive power of horses, the herd as healer concept, sacred moments, lessons learned, voices from the herd, voices from the holistic healing unit, whispering horses (communication sessions with racehorses, visiting souls, clients), holy days and final words. Paperback 98 pages. Available from Spirit of Equus Rescue. $18. Shipping included in U.S.  

Horse Spirit Wisdom

Self published · Feb 17, 2017

A collection of the most inspiring dialogues with horses. All horse guardians, trainers and practitioners can learn volumes from the insights of these equine souls. Topics include: Sanctuary voices (monograph Voices from the Herd, Conversations with Cisco, an additional Sanctuary Voice), Client Voices, Holistic Healing Unit voices (monograph Spirit: King's Jadaan, monograph Seth the Candeyman), Racehorses (article Soul of a Champion by California Chrome, and article Arrogate, monograph: Signposts). Paperback 190 pages. Available from Spirit of Equus Rescue. $20 Shipping included in U.S. 

Signposts~As Revealed by the Enlightened Souls of Twelve Champion Thoroughbred Racehorses 

Self published · Nov 5, 2017

This monograph shares the wisdom of twelve former racehorses. Their communication with the author was channeled through horse consciousness. Included among the contributors are: Secretariat, Barbaro, Ferdinand, Alydar, Winning Colors, Silver Charm, California Chrome, Eight Belles, Beholder, Seabiscuit, American Pharoah and Arrogate. Paperback, 38 pages. Available from Spirit of Equus Rescue. $10. Shipping included in U.S.

Spirit:King's Jadaan ~An Arabian Journey of Hope and Healing

Self published - April 22, 2014

King's Jadaan was abandoned in the high desert of Southern California and eventually found his way to a local horse ranch. While the vet saw no hope for recovery from his starvation, the family who took him in was determined to save him. Unable to maintain his weight, they contacted our Rescue. He was taken into our Holistic Healing Center. "Spirit" as we renamed him, was broken mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Through a series of inter-species communication sessions, this Arabian gelding shares his journey back to wholeness. It was his wish before he transitioned at the age of 33 that his story be told in print. Paperback, 26 pages. Available at Spirit of Equus Rescue. $10 Shipping included in U.S. 

Seth the Candeyman: Reflections of a Racehorse

Self published · Jan 1, 2016

Seth the Candeyman is the culmination of two years of dialogues with the soul of this California-bred racehorse. Seth came to Spirit of Equus Rescue with many health issues. His soul's journey as a resident at our Holistic Center was both spiritually enlightening and educational. His dialogues are honest and expressive of both the happy memories he had as well as the loneliness and isolation he suffered during his racing career. A wonderful experience for the reader who loves horses and would like to know what a career as a racehorse is like from the horse's perspective. Paperback, 28 pages. Available from Spirit of Equus Rescue. $10 . Shipping included in U.S.

Keep in Mind!


We offer discounts for multiple readings as well as deep discounts for non-profit horse rescues and sanctuaries.  Visit our store to SHOP !


The results of our readings and communication sessions are NOT GENERIC nor the opinion of the practitioner. All our information is specific to the individual horse, spirit-guided and sanctioned, repeatedly verified before sharing with the client. 


We accept payment for all services and publications through Paypal and Venmo. All fees are donated to Institute of the Southwest, Spirit of Equus Rescue. Your fees support the feed and healthcare of the horses in the sanctuary.


For all our readings, we ask for your name, email, your horse's name, age and a photo. We prefer not to have his/her history.  We like to start with a clean slate.


We specialize in the undiagnosed horse. Our approach is different than veterinarians who rely on biochemistry for diagnostics. We rely on physics, i.e., energy medicine.  We recently had four clients infected with a virus that causes neurological pain in the back and throughout the body. It is a common virus, but only perceivable through energy fields. By stimulating their immunity and herbal detoxification, each horse was able to eliminate the virus and is pain free.


This is an informational service only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. We are not veterinarians. Always consult your veterinarian for your horse's health concerns. 

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